An Open Letter to the Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi

April 24, 2018 0 Comments

Greetings from Thamasoma (Online News Portal from Kerala) and Janapaksham (A social Organization from Kochi, Kerala) 


You have made a courageous comment during your recent visit in the UK. While addressing the people here, you strongly criticized the unethical practices happening in Indian medical fraternity. For the past 12 more years, we, Janapaksham has been fighting against the heartless practices of doctors, medicine mafia and the unethical pricing of life saving medicines including drugs for cancer, heart, lungs, liver and kidney diseases. We could make lots of people-friendly laws from the court because of our untiring fight in the court against these heartless greedy professionals in the medical field. 

Your words, “Most doctors in India are not prescribing generic drugs (Instead they prescribe medicines with brand name for getting more commission) and getting sponsorships from pharmaceutical companies for foreign trips. Doctors often prescribe expensive medicines when cheaper options are available,” are really a hope for the poor patients in India.

Our doctors are telling that the contents and quality of generic drugs is very poor. If it is true, what our drug controllers, legal metrology, anti-adulteration wing, and food and safety departments are doing? Are they responsible for monitoring and controlling the substandard drugs in India? 

Opening of Jan Oushadhi stores in every districts in all states in India, writing generic name of a medicine, etc are really appreciating verdicts. But, as you told in the UK, the doctors are not obeying the law in the land because of greed and selfishness. They are not showing mercy even when they treat a dying patient. They are becoming more and more cruel and greedy. They want to make more money. Medical field has shifted from service to a mechanism for amassing money. 

We hope, Government of India will come with strict policies and actions to curb the illegal practices prevailing in Indian medical field. It is the responsibility of State and Central government to provide reasonable treatment options to the poor patients. If an inexpensive way is available, it should be given to the patients. At the same time, government should direct the drug control department to undertake their duties without fail. If they do their duties perfectly, there will not be any low quality medicine in the market. Hope you and your government will take further action and punish the culprit.    


Jessy Thuruthel
Executive Editor
Kochi, Kerala
Mob: 8921990170

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