Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Vs Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners

August 11, 2017 1 Comments

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning are two rival companies. Both of them operate under three diamond logo of Mitsubishi. Though both companies are autonomous, both of them share the same trademark, brand name and a common legacy. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan's largest shipbuilding and machinery maker, operates in 11 key sectors including Air conditioning, ship building, nuclear energy system, machine tools, etc. Mitsubishi Electric was a division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. But, it broke away in 1921 to go aboard on semiconductor technology. 


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Mitsubishi HI Air Conditioners

Singapore has beautiful natural environments and it is a home to myriad indigenous species. The government is taking all measures to protect its rich environment. Besides, Singaporeans manifest high environmental awareness in their daily lives. As a part of household energy conservation, people focus their attention on the relative performance of air conditioning systems in terms of energy savings. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has strong presence in Singapore.

Mitsubishi HI air con units are the world leaders in energy efficiency, quietness and reliability. Mitsubishi HI air cons has been available in the local market for the past many decades. These are also very popular for high performance even in the harsh climatic condition in Singapore. 

Residential split air cons of Mitsubishi HI are designed to heat or cool up to medium sized areas. New series AC units can provide versatile, affordable and energy efficient air con solution for your home. The company claims that its AC units are the quietest indoor operation, which means 19dB. The company has achieved it by adopting cleaver technology innovations, which include larger fan size together with modified fin shape, multi-angled heat exchanger, etc. Compared to the other air conditioners in the market, Mitsubishi HI air conditioners come with multi-head split system, which provide greater versatility. So, you can connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit.

Mitsubishi HI ducted air cons are the best option if you are searching for ultimate comfort. These air conditioning units allow you to control climate by pressing a button. Reverse cycle is the specialty of these air con systems. So, you will get warmth during winters and cool, fresh air during summer months. These air conditioning units come with full power inverters, which provide you extra energy efficiency compared to the other non- inverter brands.

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners

More and more people enjoy comfortable living, working and leisure environments made possible with air conditioning. Mitsubishi Electric is a market leader in air conditioning market and the company offers versatile range of products driven by latest technology. M Series, Mr SLIM, CITY MULTI, e-series, CONTROLS, and Lossnay are the popular air con units of Mitsubishi Electric.

M Series air con units of Mitsubishi Electric are perfectly designed to heat or cool small to medium sized spaces. These AC units provide a versatile, yet affordable air con solution to customers. Installing this unit is very easy, which is the major attraction of this series. So, M Series is the perfect way to improve air quality in a comfortable environment.

Mr Slim can be used for a huge variety of applications such as offices, server rooms, doctor practices, restaurants or businesses. High level of operational safety, low energy consumption, and whisper-quiet operation are utmost importance in these areas. The capacity of Mr Slim air con units range from 3.5kW-44.0kW. It comes with single or multi-split parallel arrangement of 2, 3 or 4 indoor units. Long lasting high efficiency filters, heating function, high sensible cooling capacity, etc are the features of Mr Slim.

City Multi series is perfect for large and challenging buildings, which seek custom solutions for air con. Extremely high reliability and superlative energy efficiency are the distinguished features of these advanced VRF systems. City Multi is ideal for offices, hotels, shopping centers, public buildings and hospitals.

People in Singapore are giving top most importance on energy efficiency and running cost. E-Series modular chiller range provides cost effective, low carbon option. Lossnary system is ideal for reducing overall energy cost by extracting stale air and recovering the cooling or heating energy to either cool or warm incoming fresh air.

Ductless cooling and heating systems are the peculiarities of Mitsubishi Electric air con systems. They offer a cost effective way to replace inefficient window units, electric baseboard heaters and space heaters. It can provide high quality indoor air. Ductless units come with multi-stage filtration, which can drastically reduce bacteria, dust, allergens, pollen, and other particulars in the air.

Maintaining appropriate level of breeze and heat at indoors has been a major necessity for most people. The weather pattern may be too hot or too cold, which is uncomfortable and unhealthy for body functions. Therefore, air conditioning is very common in many regions in Singapore. The demand for heating/heat regulating systems is very high in Singapore. Therefore various air con brands are available in in this country. But, unfortunately, some of these manufacturers are not producing high quality units.

Mitsubishi is one of the most popular brands in Singapore. The air con units of this manufacturer are highly preferable for Singaporeans because of many reasons. Basically, these products are associated with good service and longevity of installation. Product reliability, durability, variability, affordability, efficiency and incredible warranty are the other major reasons. Mitsubishi air con units are available in different capacities, features and prices. The manufacturer use new technology to enhance the efficiency of air con units and reduce energy bill. Most air conditioners of Mitsubishi come with 10 year warranty, which further assure the quality of the product.

Both Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and Mitsubishi Electric (Starmex) produce best air conditioners. Both these brands are the most proffered and sought brands among Singaporeans due to high efficiency, long life and easy maintenance. The air con units of both these brands are also available in various categories and sizes. These are also affordable for most households without any strain. Therefore, you can select an ideal one as per your budget and requirement. You can evaluate the price, technology, requirements, area, etc while selecting an air conditioning system.

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