Laugh Modi Laugh…! You Cleverly Looted Poor Indians for the Corporates!!

November 13, 2016 0 Comments

Financial surgical strike…! Oh, Modiji….What an idea…!! With a simple act of demonetizing two Indian currency notes, you have collected all the money from the pockets of poor Indians! Now, the poor, idiots are thinking, they are also a part of the fight against black money….! Oh shit..!! What a pathetic thought!!

Laugh Modi Laugh….!

You are the single most Prime Minister who can help the black money holders in such a brave way!

No… don’t look at me so poignantly…! Dear infused patriots, I can hear your snarling sound. You are biting your teeth so badly. I know, you want to smash me because I criticized such an innocent, brave, sincere, hardworking leader in India! But, before pelting stones on me, just give me answers for all these questions….!!! Just think about it, if you are able to!!

Nobody thinks that Modi is not a visionary. He is very brilliant and he can foresee the reaction of an action by an elected government. On November 8th midnight, PM Modi triggered the panic button by declaring that the old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currencies you hold are no longer a valid legal tender. Since then, the Indians are running here and there. They are queuing in front of ATMs and banks for hours for depositing their hard earned money and for getting a higher denomination.

If Modi was sincere, his government will prepare for the best to meet this financial emergency. Modi himself declare that this is a surgical strike. Then, do you think that a politician like Modi will do this most important strategy without preparations? While withdrawing Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes from the Indian market, if he has an iota of sincerity to the Indians, he would have introduced the notes with the same denominations or smaller instead of bigger. He can also allow time for the RBI to print sufficient amount of currency notes before declaring the financial emergency. He didn’t do it. It is not because of stupidity, but because of his intelligence….!  

How he introduced his clever financial emergency in public..? He declared that it is the biggest act from brave India to fight against black money. He covered the act with nationality and patriotism. He introduced this biggest idea for helping the black money holders with nationality. He says, if anybody questions this act, they are not true nationalist. They do not love the mother India. They are supporting black money…. Oh Modiji….I cannot but bow my head! What wisdom! What an idea!

Modi is covering up his cleverest act with nationality. The demonetization of two Indian currency notes, Rs 500 and Rs 1000 is the biggest blunder of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But, in reality, it was his most cunning act of saving the biggest Indian black money holders. Modi himself says that it is a surgical strike against black money and fake money. At first, most Indians also think the same and attacked mercilessly those who think against. 

Do you think that this act can curb the black money menace? If you think so, you are too innocent. In fact, the Modi government is simply helping the biggest black money holders in India.

Before pelting stones to me, give answers to my questions.

What is the basic responsibility of a bank?

None of you have a doubt if I say banks are basically money lenders. They collect money from the public. Then, to whom they lend money? To me? Or to you? If the banks are lending money to you, why you are queuing in front of the bank for hours and days to deposit money in your hand?

So, dear my friend, if you are frenzied with the love of Indian nationality (it is applicable for Amir Khan, Amitabh Bacchan, Aishwarya Ray Bacchan, and all the such biggest millionaires and celebrities), just think again by using your brain. RBI has directed strict instructions to the banks. As a result, people are getting very less amount in their hands. The remaining money will be with the bank. People are forced to reduce their purchasing power. They are literally in starvation. No food, no water, no money for hospital bills. No money for paying school fees, utility bills. Why Modi collects these much of money through banks? Definitely these huge sums of money will go to the pockets of biggest whales in India. Do you know who those chosen ones are? The banks will lend the collected money to:

10. GVK Reddy (GVK Group) (33933 Crores)
9. Venugopal Dhoot (Videocon Group) (45405 Crores)
8. L. Madhusoodan Rao (Lanco Group) (47102 Crores)
7. G M Rao (GMR Group) (47976 Crores)
6. Sajjan Jindal (JSW Group) (58171 Crores)
5. Manoj Gour (Jaypee Group) (75163 Crores)
4. Goutam Adani (Adani Group) (96031 Crores)
3. Shashi Ruia & Ravi Ruia (Essar Group) (1,01000 Crores or Rs 1.01 trillion)
2. Anil Aggarwal (The Vedanta Group) (1,03000 Crores or 1.03 trillion)
And finally
1. Anil Ambani (Reliance Group)(125000 Crores or Rs 1.25 trillion)

(In brackets, you can see the repayable amount of these companies which they owe to various banks).

Narendra Modi has cleverly carried out a surgical strike, but it is not conducted to curb black money holders as he said. But, it is conducted for looting your pocket and helping his corporate freinds. Now, you are running here and there like a half burnt dog.

You must know these figures also.

Do you know the total bad loans of Indian banks at present? It is close to Rs 6,00,000. Are you aware that the PSU banks are in miserable condition due to lack of money? They require immediate infusion of money for shoring up their lending capacities.

A few weeks ago, the credit rating agency Moody revealed that Indian banks need Rs 1.25 lakh crore capital infusion. Are you aware of this fact? In July 2016, the Centre injected Rs 23,000 crore into 13 public sector banks. Do you know the statement of Arun Jaitely? He said in 2015 that the central government will pump up more than 70,000 crore money in PSU banks in the coming 4 years!

When you queue up before the ATM counter and the bank, just think about Modi’s brave act with these startling realities!

Dear my friends…. Modi is very clever. He knows how to carry out crony capitalism. Now, you are busy defending him, how brave he is! Look, his war against black money! You are busy praising Modi’s wisdom and his love to the mother India and its poor people. He is telling, I am working for you without sleeping, without having food, without even a family for my own! You poor Indians…. Modi knows how to handle you…..! You can even see good dialogues even in the most vulgar TV serials. As Katju says… Indians, you are the biggest idiots. So, continue praising Modi and his bravest financial surgical strike..!! The thoughtless, brainless Indians deserve it! 

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.