Dog eating festival: The biggest nightmare of dogs in China

November 06, 2016 0 Comments

Dogs’ real nightmare in China is the Dogs eating festival. This years’ festival was held in June in the southern city of Yulin. These are the peak working days for the locals, the traders will get lots of money, and they will be trying desperately for meeting the demands of customers.

The city has recently completed the festival. Dogs from around the country were shipped to Yulin. In order to make the festival a grand event, people even steal the pet dogs. Thousands of stray dogs were also transported to here for the event. People are transporting these hapless animals without giving them food and water. They are crammed into the cages, so they are not getting enough space to breathe. It will take a couple of hours or days to reach the destination. Most dogs cannot survive such daunting experiences. 

Once the dogs are transported to Yulin, the traders sell them to restaurants or private cooks. In order to maintain the freshness of the meat, they keep in small cages near the main roads. It will create a temptation in the minds of customers, so they will taste the cooked dog meat. Dog eating festival is an exhilarating event for the people of Yulin.

Dog eating festival is celebrated on June 21st of every year. Due to strong opposition from numerous international groups, the number of dogs that are cooked at this event has been decreasing each year. However, the people in Yulin cooked around 1000 dogs this year.

Killing dog eating is immoral and illegal. Though vendors can sell dog meat, they should show health certificates to provide the origin of the meat. However, most of the dogs in Yulin are either stolen pets or strays. Thus, the traders will not produce any certificates. Killing dogs for this eating festival is gruesome and horrifying. People also barbecue or boil the dogs alive in dog eating festival.     

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