Hooligans in religions must be punished

October 10, 2015 1 Comments

They pretend as the messengers from God! They think that they are the most religious people. They consider themselves as the right people to implement the law. But, they are the most victorious people, the religious hooligans!

In the name of God, they run amok and thrash people in other communities mercilessly. They consider themselves as the upper caste and very close to the God. But, they are just criminals, the most callous and cunning criminals. They utilize each and every opportunity for their criminal activities. The political leaders consider them as the ladder for climbing to the power and supreme authority!

The Hindus are considered that they only have the right to live in India. They hate all other people except upper class. Can you show a single God who peach hatred? It is impossible, you cannot find a God who propagate hatred if you analyze all religions in this world. Gods in all religion say the importance of love, cooperation and harmony. Nobody is telling about hatred and killing.   

Some Hindu fanatics are running here and there to kill the cow eating people. They said, those who kill cows should be killed. They forget that India is a democratic country. In fact, they are not forgetting any of these facts. Instead, they are just making the things for supporting their cruelty.

They decide that Dalits have no right to wear cloth. They are raping the Dalit women and children and walk freely. They are considered as the elite class. But they are not. They are just criminals. So, all these people should be punished.

The political leaders in India are considering them as the elite class and they protect these criminals for protecting their power and authority.

These types of acts should not come from educated, civilized people. These criminals are using their education and awareness as well to create the narrow boundaries of religion. If India has a few right thinking people, let them come together, and fight against these types of injustices and cruelties.  

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.

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  1. There needs to be more police on the streets to prevent this kind of thing from happening. And give the police bigger sticks! Anyhow, the whole world is messed up. There's not enough education for the masses and so they lean towards religions and whatever else is being offered in place of religion. Some religions are good and are a form of education. But violence, egotism, bigotry, racism, and so on... these things are the opposite of religion. They are the worst forms of ignorance and result in a nation's demise. Great article. Hopefully more people are waking up to the realities around them. Thank you for helping educate the masses about this insanity that's still going on in the world today. I'm happy to see that India is making rape a criminal offense and enforcing stricter prison sentences and bringing perpetrators to court and trying them and demanding justice.