Tamil Nadu Lady Cop steels, Husband thrashes the Shop employee

A shop employee in Tamil Nadu got punishment from the husband of a woman police constable in Tamil Nadu. Her shoplifting attempt was clearly captured in a CCTV camera. When the video went viral, she was suspended from the job. She steeled items such as chocolate bar from a department store. She was in police uniform while she was stealing these things. A employee, who was monitoring the CCTV camera, spotted the crime and alerted the cashier.

The cashier asked the police constable to return the items she steeled and pay the price for them. At first she refused the crime, but she could not stand out for long. During further questioning, she accepted the crime. 

But, it was the tip of a series of actions. The husband of the woman police constable and his two friends thrashed the two employees for questioning his wife. Then, the store proprietor filed a complaint with the police. Then, the lady police constable was suspended and her husband was arrested for assaulting the employees of the store.

Want a handsome Job? Try this…!

Do you want to get a nice job? Then, you can take the idea from a man named David Casarez. He is a professional web designer and was working in Austin. When he shifted to California, he used a nice method to find a good job with handsome salary. He did lots of freelance jobs, but those were not enough for meeting his expenses or even spend for his house rent. Thus, he vacated his rented house and started staying in his car. Then he started his fortune in job market by displaying his resume at traffic signals.

Now, he is getting loads of job offerings. He became famous when a person captured his pic and posted it in Twitter, the micro blogging platform.

David Casarez is 26 years now. He is a graduate from Texas A&M University. His picture went viral when Jasmine Scofield (@jaysc0) posted his picture in Twitter carrying a placard, which says “Homeless, hungry 4 success, take a resume.” This picture of Scofield went viral in Twitter, he also pleaded to help David by giving him a job. So, he got loads of job offers.   

Fun TV Facts for Kids

Fun TV facts for kids help you to understand the development of technology in the easiest way. This early TV trivia is really enjoyable.  

Television is a medium, which is used for entertainment, news, education, and for advertisement. The TV set became very popular after the Second World War. At first, the black and white television broadcasting was popular only in the US and Britain. Then, it became a common factor in institutions, businesses, as well as homes. Here is an analysis of some fun TV facts for kids.   
Television facts

Constantin Perskyi, a Russian scientist, coined the word television in 1900. 
Boris Rosing and Paul Nipkow were the pioneers of television.
In 1928, first US TV station started working
BBC started transmission in 1930. 
Television, during the 1950s was used as a medium for influencing the public.
Color broadcasting was introduced in the mid-1960s in the US and some other developed countries.

Television History

Television is very common today and it can be found billions of homes globally. However, nobody was even know about it a 100 years back. Only a few thousand Americans owned a TV set in the late 1947. In the early 1800s, early TVs started appearing. Mechanically scanned images were used in these types of TVs, and then these images were transmitted onto the screen. Charles Francis Jenkins (American inventor) and John Logie Baird (Scottish inventor) created the mechanical television, which was using a rotating disk with holes. This invention was made in the early years of 1920s. Russian man Boris Rosting and AA Campbell-Swinton (UK) invented a totally new TV system. However, Philo Taylor Farnsworth invented the first electronic TV in 1927. He was just 21 years then.    

Kids TV

The online channel Kids TV is dedicated only for educating small kids. This channel is aimed to teach nursery songs and rhymes to anyone who wants to learn. This TV channel has a vast collection of original kids’ songs and rhymes. This is the best platform for those who want to learn something new. 

Kids Shows

Television is the ideal medium to spend time together with families. This is the best time to create a bond with your kids. But, parents need to limit the time of kids to watch TV shows. If you can schedule the time for Kids TV shows, you can encourage togetherness, conversation, and interaction. Hundreds of television channels for kids are available today. Some of the Kids TV shows are Tom & Jerry, Blue Peter, Newsround, tc.

Performance Pack 2: A Real Monster on the Road

The latest track-focused vehicle of Mustang GT is a real enthusiasm for motorists. The company has making this vehicle as an increasingly refined machine for driving. It has changed as a multi-faceted performer from straight-line, simple brute. The New Performance Pack 2 from Ford Mustang GT comes with a collection of handling upgrades. Features such as tweaked stability control software, revised ABD turning, upgraded radiator, chassis stiffening, 3:73 gearing, etc are worth mentioning. 

Technology and Interiors of Performance Pack 2

The interior designing of Performance Pack 2 is as same as a standard Mustang GT. However, the new digital dash is really useful as well as sharp. The overall appointments of the interior of this vehicle are really handsome. The vehicle offers you 4 drive modes, they are sport, normal, snow/ice, and track. However, it will not allow you to do mixing or matching of various adjustable performance parameters. Thus, you may not be able to create a custom preset. 

Driving Experience

Performance Pack 2 can provide you topmost comfort with a good stretch of road. The drive mode can be set as normal. Extra capability of this vehicle is useful for utilizing 460 horsepower. It has 5-liter V8, which is really useful. 

The vehicle comes with a 3-year bumper to bumper warranty on Mustang GT. Besides, the vehicle offers 5 years or 60,000miles of powertrain.  


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Kude Review

By Lakshmi Padmakumar

Watching some movies are kind of political expression of the season. Though, I don't feel the same, "Koode" is a much awaited movie for me. Especially because of the likeness to watch again an Anjali Menon movie(not because she is a 'she', surely because of the love for feel good genre). 

As already said, I thought it would be a feel good movie like Banglore Days. But in contrary, Koode is not. Ofcourse, it's a feel good movie but unlike Banglore Days! 

From introductory scenes itself, movie is evidently very slow and it makes some people disliking it also. But, personally I felt the slow story telling enjoyable as this story demands some time to be disclosed. The director creates pattern with emotions throughout the story line. Introductory scenes are slow and sad whereas mid-way scenes are deep and beautiful. In the end movie tends to be melancholic and without disappointing it ends as a happy ending one. 

Actors chosen are not just 'not disappointing', but yes, they are doing their parts best. Prithviraj and Nazriya makes the best reel-siblings and as always Parvathy and Prithvi are perfect reel-pair. Though, Nazriya seems to be a bit too much initially but she convinces that it is needed in the later scenes. Parvathy is handling her character well (always) and her character topples some age-old ideas within a short span. Prithvi manages a character through which the story line passes and he does it appreciably and for him this is a kind of character he has never done before.

Movie has a lot of scenes which demands a rethinking as well. Movie shows how being alone can change a person and as the name Koode (be with), movie speaks for the need of someone to be with everyone. Nazriya's character is challenging the conventional image of  a girl in Malayalam movies (considering the fact- watching porn or being easy going is still not be shown in Malayalam movies as silly things). Prithvi (the brother) seems to be emotionless during the cremation of his sister and he cries loud when he realises that his sister's spirit is no longer with him is  metaphorical and it shows how being a sibling by birth is different from being one by living together(this sadly reminds me how beautiful their life would be if things were in favour). 

After the journey longed 3 hours, Koode reminded me the need for having a person along with!

An Open Letter to the Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Greetings from Thamasoma (Online News Portal from Kerala) and Janapaksham (A social Organization from Kochi, Kerala) 


You have made a courageous comment during your recent visit in the UK. While addressing the people here, you strongly criticized the unethical practices happening in Indian medical fraternity. For the past 12 more years, we, Janapaksham has been fighting against the heartless practices of doctors, medicine mafia and the unethical pricing of life saving medicines including drugs for cancer, heart, lungs, liver and kidney diseases. We could make lots of people-friendly laws from the court because of our untiring fight in the court against these heartless greedy professionals in the medical field. 

Your words, “Most doctors in India are not prescribing generic drugs (Instead they prescribe medicines with brand name for getting more commission) and getting sponsorships from pharmaceutical companies for foreign trips. Doctors often prescribe expensive medicines when cheaper options are available,” are really a hope for the poor patients in India.

Our doctors are telling that the contents and quality of generic drugs is very poor. If it is true, what our drug controllers, legal metrology, anti-adulteration wing, and food and safety departments are doing? Are they responsible for monitoring and controlling the substandard drugs in India? 

Opening of Jan Oushadhi stores in every districts in all states in India, writing generic name of a medicine, etc are really appreciating verdicts. But, as you told in the UK, the doctors are not obeying the law in the land because of greed and selfishness. They are not showing mercy even when they treat a dying patient. They are becoming more and more cruel and greedy. They want to make more money. Medical field has shifted from service to a mechanism for amassing money. 

We hope, Government of India will come with strict policies and actions to curb the illegal practices prevailing in Indian medical field. It is the responsibility of State and Central government to provide reasonable treatment options to the poor patients. If an inexpensive way is available, it should be given to the patients. At the same time, government should direct the drug control department to undertake their duties without fail. If they do their duties perfectly, there will not be any low quality medicine in the market. Hope you and your government will take further action and punish the culprit.    


Jessy Thuruthel
Executive Editor
Kochi, Kerala
Mob: 8921990170

Importance of Professional Web Designing for your Business

All business organizations, regardless of the size, want to achieve a top position in the online and offline market. In order to succeed in a competitive market, a professional website is inevitable. Today, people mainly depend on the Internet to find information. Business research is a leading reason for performing a search on the web. Lack of professional website will cause the loss of potential customers on the Internet and storefronts. Today, a customer makes a purchasing decision only after evaluating the products and companies. If you do not have a secure or professional website, the customer will simply move to the next vendor.

Web design is one of the most crucial aspects of your online presence. But, it does not mean that you should pay lots of money for top-tier designers. Web Design Agency is extremely reliable for developing your website in the most professional way. Credibility and sales are the two major factors for developing a professional website for your business. Here are some of the reasons for the importance of a professionally created website.  

Usability and Navigation

Your website may be packed with loads of information. However, are you sure that your users can find the information very easily on your website? The users will judge your website within a few seconds once they visit it. So, your website should not be chaotic, confusing, or cluttered. Therefore, usability and navigation are the most important reasons for investing in a high-quality web design and development. Your navigation must be as intuitive as possible. If everything is scattered around, customers will leave your site within no time. Customer attention spans are very short. Therefore, you should provide information to them as quickly as possible.


The search engine spiders crawl and index your website on the basis of various web design elements and practices. Thus, you must be careful while publishing contents on your site. You must be aware that you are fighting an uphill battle. Thus, your on-page SEO fundamentals must be up to snuff. Therefore, you should strictly avoid messing up things. Besides the way of publishing contents on your website, some web design elements will also affect SEO directly. It is very difficult to understand web designing if you are not familiar. But, in a simple meaning, your code must be SEO friendly. Hiring the best digital agency is the ideal way to follow proper web design practices.

Trust and Best Customer Service

Your website is the digital face of your business. Thus, it is just as a customer service representative. So, you must make the best first impression. You can equate a well-designed website into a friendly, polite, helpful customer service rep. Such reps will offer service beyond their capability to please their customers. This is the basic step for a long-lasting relationship and making your customers happy.

Customers will not trust a business that is located in a seedy, back-alley building with trash covering entrance path and cracked windows. If you want to gain the trust of your customers, the best web design is essential.

 Coherency and Consistency

Consistency is the other major factor in online. In fact, almost all people like it. If you use different fonts in your website and make pages look differently, people may find another option. Therefore, selecting the same set of style, format, and typeface guidelines are the backbone of all pages. It is helpful for creating a sense of consistency in the minds of users. Thus, the entire website visit will be more streamlined and coherent. Minimize distractions on your website is one of the underlying goals of a web design. Even the slightest inconsistency or discrepancy can impact your business negatively.


Succeeding in a highly competitive market is the objective of all businesses. If you want to keep a step ahead of all your competitors, your site must be trustworthy and professional. You should avoid making your site amateur and shoddy.

Most businesses within an industry may have the same pool of resources, pricing tiers, studies, information, and so on. But, if you have a generously crafted website, you can surely go above and beyond.


Deep technical knowledge is not required to spot a bad website. Even if a person is not able to find out technical malfunctions and some specific elements that deteriorate the quality of a website, they can easily get a feeling whether a site is good or not. The design should give off a good impression otherwise it will provide extremely detrimental effects on your brand. Your website should reflect your brand.

New Technologies

The Internet changes every day. Each and every day, new computer code, new technologies, and new ways to attract visitors to your website will happen. If you use a highly professional digital agency, your site will be created with the latest technologies and trends. Thus, you can achieve optimal success. You can find lots of DIY site builders around your area. But, they may not provide RSS feeds, video, or links to your site, which will affect your website negatively.

Custom Design

If you hire a professional web design agency, your site will be created to suit your business. A highly professional web designing agency designs a site after evaluating your products and business. You can also develop your site on the basis of your specific requirements such as generating online sales, store-front sales, information purpose, etc.

Webmaster Service

Many people believe that once the site is developed, the work is over. But, a website needs continuous maintenance, which is essential for keeping it current and relevant in the industry. Your website must remain popular, successful, and up-to-date with latest trends and technologies. If you use a professional web design and development agency, you will also get the webmaster service of the agency, which helps to keep your site fresh and updated.     

Want to Bring it All Together? Here is the Best Option

High-quality web design is one of the most important aspects digital marketing. However, it is very difficult to self-teach. Most Web Developers have an extensive technical background. They also spend lots of time perfecting the art of web design.

If you need a highly professional web design service at an affordable cost, here is the best option. This agency started in 2012, and it achieves great success in the areas such as Web design, development, Domain and Web hosting, IT services and IT Support. It provides the best quality service to small to medium companies. This is the best option if you want to succeed in the highly competitive marketplace. 

Education Institutions Should be Excluded From Harthal

Interview with S Ajay Kumar, Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Recently, KV School, Pattom, Kerala was selected as the best school in Education World Indian School ranking. Established in 1964, this school has been introducing many new strategies time to time and all of them are getting appreciation from the children, parents, and the public. S Ajay Kumar, Principal of the school speaks about the three strategies that should be included in the education system and three strategies that should be avoided.

Strategies that should be Included

Strategy-1: Value Based Education

The foremost important strategy that should be included in the school system is value based education. Our children must know the best practices. They are surely guided by values, but that are not enough. In order to make them the best citizens in India, education system should focus on value based learning. They must expand their horizons, and should make friendships with others and should help others. With this objective in mind, we have introduced many initiatives. Frequently, our children visit other schools and make friendship with a student by gifting books. Students must also be able to face the challenges and issues they come across in their life. Teaching community should give more importance to this strategy. Under ‘Gift a book, get a friend,’ strategy, we adopted a school and find friends in that school by presenting them books.  

Strategy -2: Utilization of Technology
We are living in a technologically advanced world. Its influence can be seen in each and every corners of life. Education institutions in India are also giving importance to smart classes and digital education. However, education system is not utilizing the technology fully. Smart classes and computer based education are progressing in schools, but it is not utilized completely. Younger teachers are tech savvy, but that is not the case of old generation. Teachers, irrespective of age, must be well versed in technology, which is essential for strengthening students technologically.
Today, technologies are misused and students become addict to it. This tendency should also be changed. They must know the power of technology, but they should not be addicted to it. Parents and teachers can do a lot in this regard.

Strategy 3: Implementation of Good Study Habits

The next important factor is the implementation of study habits among children. We are visiting many schools in Kerala and interact with many students in our school as well as other schools. Based on those interactions, we came to know that there are no study habits among children. Study habits should be created in the minds of students. Most students spend sleepless nights during the time of examination. But, most of them do not devote a particular time period every day for learning. Some spend only 30 minutes for studying, but that too are not on regular basis. This habit should be changed. Students should devote some time every day for their studies. The earning habit should be inculcated in the minds of students.


Strategies that should be Removed From Education System

Strategy -1: Schools should be Excluded from Bundh and harthal

Lots of academic losses are happening due to bundh, harthal, etc. The government, political leaders and political parties must strictly avoid schools from these types of agitations. The classes of students should not be lost due to these issues. Students must get lots of time for learning and interacting with each other. Schools should also implement an academic environment within the school. If they get more time, they can utilize libraries and other medium completely. They will also get lots of opportunities to develop their skills in the best possible way.

Strategy 2: Curriculum should be Changed Frequently

This is an important strategy that should be included in the education system. At present, one syllabus is changing in every 8-10 years, which should be changed completely. Lots of changes are happening every day. The thing that is novel today becomes obsolete tomorrow. Therefore, students must be aware of these changes. They must learn the new techniques and innovations. They must be equipped with the latest happenings in the world and surroundings. As you know, we are empowering our students to shoulder the responsibilities of tomorrows. So, they must be able to understand it. So, changing the syllabus frequently is indispensible. If possible, new syllabus should be introduced in every year. 


Strategy 3: Say a Strict No to Punishments

 Students should not be punished for their faults. Due to the involvement of Human Rights Commission, these types of best practices are implementing in schools. But, it should be introduced all schools in India. Even today, lots of schools and teachers are adopting punishments to teach students good lessons, but it is not good. We at KV school, Pattom never punish students even if they come late, or fail to do their home works. Instead, we are adopting some entertaining strategies to develop responsibilities in the minds of students. Once we stopped punishments, good results can be seen in the performance of students. They improved their talents, they started behaving with teachers and elders with respect. They also started learning responsibly. We are very happy to see all these changes. We are strengthening our students by giving them counseling. We are promoting our students in 360 degrees. We removed punishment from our school permanently. We will not even say a harsh word to our students. If there is any issue, we will inform to the parents. When we stopped punishment, the result is tremendous. We are developing a cordial atmosphere within the school.

Teaching Students in the style of KV school, Pattom

KV school is giving importance on the development of physical, mental, internal, external factors of a student. They are finding the talents at the younger age and give lots of opportunities to develop their talents. We are also aware of developing the learning skills and thinking of students. We are also giving physical activities like sports. Lots of opportunities are given to learn new things and think differently. 

We got award for our “Face a Book Challenge.” This program focuses on the intellectual development of a student. We give a book to the students and ask them to prepare videos, presentations, etc. They will also give an opportunity to present it during the assembly. We got lots of appreciation for this program.

Maths Clinic is another program, which is introduced for students to make learning mathematics in an interesting way. In this program, a student from +1 or +2 becomes the doctor of this clinic and 2 girls will be selected as nurses. The small students, who are backward in maths will be selected as patients. Just like a doctor giving medicines after checking a patient, the doctor in math clinic also teach these students. So, they can learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a fun way. Usually, this program is conducted by the supervision of a teacher. But, students can undertake it without supervision.


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Another innovative strategy is the use of Password. Each day, we introduce new words during assembly. That word should be used as a password in the entire day. The new word and its meaning will be explained in the notice board. Students should use this password for entering the class if they are late. 

Break everything and read a book is the other novel initiative. In this process, the classes will be stopped and ask everybody to read a book. During this time, all students, teachers and other staff must read a book. They should also create an opinion on the basis of the book they read.

Pattom school becomes the best in India because of the introduction of these types innovative and novel ideas.


Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table Review

Arcades have been a source of entertainment and fun for adults and kids of all ages. Everybody wants to play fun games with family and friends. Air hockey table is a very popular, well-loved arcade game. Today, it has moved out of entertainment complexes and malls right into family households. An air hockey table makes use of some of the aspects of air hockey for creating a fun arcade game. A smooth table top and a puck are designed to resemble an ice rink. Paddles are used for pushing the puck forth and back. An air hockey table can be seen in some business organizations and even churches. Learning air hockey is very easy. Therefore, people of all ages can play this game. Adding an air hockey table in your space is the best and simple way to provide your family, friends, and employees with hours of fun. This Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table Review helps to understand the great features of this product.

Major Features of Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table

Feature 1: Perfect Airflow

The airflow on the surface should be adequate for playing a good and fair game every time. The Atomic Top Shelf 7.5-inch provides you far more than adequate. It has a 120-volt motor, which provides you more airflow. Therefore, it allows gliding the pucks fluidly across the table surface. So, you can enjoy a smooth game every time. Atomic Top Shelf 7.5-inch can definitely provide you a fair game that you are looking for.

Feature 2: Smooth Style Surface

Ultra-smooth, ultra-slick surface is the specialty of this Atomic Top Shelf. Besides, the even playing surface helps even flow. The top of this Atomic Top Shelf resembles the style of old arcade air hockey tables. It can really provide you a retro feel and a sleek and attractive look. The high-speed PVC playing surface offers continuous play, which never wears down. 

Feature 3: Gameplay

This air hockey table is designed for those who want to enjoy fast-paced games. The PVC laminated MDF playfield gives you a smooth and even surface. At the same time, the 120-volt motor creates a powerful and steady airflow, which allows the puck to glide easily from one point to the other. So, the players can enjoy a non-stop arcade game. The size of Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table is perfect and it boasts a sharp, nice, retro shape. Therefore, the table is incredibly attractive and spacious. All the four legs are large and sturdy, which help even out the table automatically.

Feature 4: LED Lumen-X Technology

The LED Lumen X technology is the other excellent feature of Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table. These LED lights run along the edge of this table and emit red, blue, and green light effects. They are paired with very fast and high-tempo music, which can raise your adrenaline levels. All these factors make the game even more intense. The colors of the lights change when you or your opponent makes a score. It rewards the scorer with an adrenaline rush and pressurizes the other player to improve his game. This is the excellent way to raise the competition to an exciting level.

Feature 5: Aesthetics

The well-built design provides an aesthetic appeal to this Atomic Top Shelf. The aesthetic of this board suits the game arena and the interior of your home. This is one of the strongest features of this product. The LED Lumen X technology further boosts the visual effects of this board. You can enjoy the aesthetics of the Atomic Top Shelf fully by turning off the lights and play air hockey in the dark. As a result, the LED lights will become more prominent. Thus, you can test your skills by relying on your reflexes instead of your sight.


Feature 6: Durability

The weight of Atomic Top Shelf is 230 pounds. Therefore, it is heavier than most other air hockey tables on the market. Many users complain about the weight of this table during the initial stage. But, the size and design of this table are really appreciating because it offers some crucial advantages. The sturdy design provides extreme support, which is helpful for surviving rough and heavy usage. The Atomic Top Shelf is extremely strong, so it can hold up when you lean in for a shot.


• Very powerful motor
• Offers proper airflow
• Stable and strong design
• Innovative concept
• Manly and athletic appeal
• LED Lumen X technology
• High-speed PVC playing surface
• Action-packed air hockey table
• Large and durable legs


• Very heavy


Q: Is it possible to play by switching off the light?

A: Yes, you can. It can provide you an old school feels when you switch off the light. This is preferable for some people.

Q: Can I switch off the sound?

A: You can control the sound from the control center that lies at the corner of this tabletop. The operation procedure for sound control is very easy and simple. 

Q: What are the sizes of pucks that come with this table?

A: You will get three pucks with this table. The size of each of them is a 3-inch diameter. The red regular, clear with LED lights and a hexagon with LED lights are these three pucks. You can operate them by using coin style batteries. The blue and red paddles are rechargeable.

Q: Does the table have Leg levelers?

A: The Atomic Top Shelf has two leveling discs. The size of one is 1mm and the other is 2mm. These leveling discs are unique and they are different from typical levelers that are associated with the furniture.


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You can definitely purchase this Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table for getting a true arcade experience. It can provide hours of fun and entertainment to your family and friends. It is constructed to stand up to the test of time. The beautiful design and great looks make it perfect for any space. Though more expensive, it can really provide you the best value for your money. So, it allows you enjoy the game for many years to come. Greater comfort is the other major feature of this table. This Atomic Top Shelf really stands out from the crowd in terms of gameplay, aesthetics, and topmost performance.